Exceptional relaxation and
hospitality only experienced here.

Minakami Sanso

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A healing spa resort nestled at the foot of Mt. Tanigawa

Nestled farthest up the valley of the Tanigawa Hot Springs Village
Nestled in silence close by a mountain stream
Minakami Sanso offers spectacular views of
Mt. Tanigawa from the lounge and rooms.
Enjoy the ever-changing scenery.

The very best relaxation and
hospitality, only feasted on here.

A “5-star” of extra quality, natural hot spring without any filtration or additives,
which is drawn directly from three dedicated wells.

Appreciate the magnificent view of Mt. Tanigawa,
starry sky, and 5-star hot spring.

Minakami Sanso’s hot springs are natural pure without any filtration or additives,
which is drawn directly from three dedicated wells.
soft touch, making skin silky smooth.
Minakami Sanso’s water has also received
a “5-star” designation from JAPAN SPA ASSOCIATION

Take in the sound of the gentle stream,
and look outside at the splendor of Mt. Tanigawa.

Within beautiful nature, far away from day-to-day life.

At the windowsill, soak in the ever-changing scenery, and enjoy the sound of nature’s music.
Close your eyes to sense the flow of nostalgic time you had almost forgotten.
Feel yourself slowly healing as time goes by.

Seasonal foodstuffs sourced from across the country.
Enjoy our creative kaiseki cuisine.

Each dish is expertly crafted

The kaiseki dinner course features a menu that is constantly refreshed to
make use of the freshest seasonal ingredients.
Our skilled chefs craft the carefully chosen foodstuffs into a special dish.

Far away from the din and bustle of the city.
Enjoy your precious time.

Recover your authentic self, both body and soul.

Relax your soul as you look at the view of Mt. Tanigawa
and natural landscaping from the picture windows in the lounge,
and release the stress of city life. The best relaxation will restore you to be your true self.